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Submission and
Selection Process

The call for MRC DiMeN DTP studentship projects, starting October 2025, will be open 11th June 2024. 


The application form consists of three parts, four for iCASE projects: 

  1. Applicant information

  2. Project title and description (400 words max)

  3. Supporting statement: (500 words max)  

  4. iCASE only  - iCASE statement (300 words max) 


Proposals will be evaluated and scored by three independent markers against the following criteria,  which should be evidenced in your application: 

  • Excellence and novelty of the research project.   

  • How the project will address MRC strategy and alignment to DiMeN disease-driven theme(s):Infection and Global Health; Cancer; Multimorbidity, Frailty and Diseases of Ageing.  A cross-cutting theme of Medical Technologies, Informatics and Quantitative Approaches aims to boost quantitative skills training and technology development across our partnership.

  • Quality and strength of supervisory team, including: subject knowledge and technical expertise; publication in relevant fields; lab funding; and supervisor career stage; access to facilities and networks; success in supervising students. 

  • Development culture: How the supervisory team will be supporting and developing the student; supervision and training plan; commitment to positive research culture.

  • Added value: How the MRC DTP student would add value to current research by building synergies, developing new collaborations, and opening up new areas of research. 

  • For iCASE projects:  The quality of the iCASE partner; fit to the project; commitment from industry/non-academic partner; training opportunities for the student.  


The overall project value and fit will be judged with scientific excellence, fit to the DiMeN themes, research environment and strategic drivers such as EDI indicators all taken into account.  In addition, we will maintain an overall balance between the number of projects in the different institutions across the DiMeN network and the standard/iCASE project split.


The DiMeN DTP does not allocate a set number of projects per institution and projects are scored on merit according to the above criteria.  Project proposals are reviewed anonymously without supervisor names or host institutions known to reviewers so please do not state your name or host institution within the application form unless requested to do so.  This is to eliminate bias and ensure the best projects are selected for advertisement to students.  


We advertise more project opportunities than we can support within the funding envelope and this is a competitive process. We expect to advertise a minimum of 16 iCASE projects and 64 Standard projects.  We expect to receive around 200 project applications, which then will be reviewed. We have up to 42 studentships to award for 2025 starters.

Student selection

Applicants to the DiMeN  DTP Students select and rank three advertised projects at application stage to the DiMeN DTP.  Our academic panel anonymously scores and shortlists applicants, with the top 90 interviewed by a panel of academics from across the partner institutions.  The DTP is open to international candidates, up to the UKRI mandated cap of 30% per intake. International fee difference is not covered by DiMeN, but by institutions as per the DTP partnership agreement.  

Prior to interview, supervisors will be provided with full application details of each shortlisted candidate who selects their project. Candidates are asked to arrange to meet with supervisors, either virtually or in person, to discuss the project and group in more detail and supervisors will be asked to provide detailed feedback regarding student suitability to your project.  In our experience, engaging with potential students at this stage is important and increases the chances of gaining a DTP student.  After these meetings and prior to interview, candidates are given the opportunity to re-rank their project choices.  In 2024, over 80% of successful students were placed with their first choice project.

​The final selection of supported project/student combinations will be made on the basis of student quality by the DiMeN Management Board.

Benefits of DiMeN DTP studentships

  • Financial support: Stipend (UKRI standard rate) for 4 years, £4125 per year Research Training and Support Grant (RTSG) and £300 per year travel/conference allowance. Enhanced stipend and RTSG for iCASE students. 

  • Students can access DiMeN flexible supplement funds for high quality external training, lab or industry research placements, internships or transition after PhD to first employment position.

  • Additional funding available for visits and placements across our partners institutions to encourage collaboration and sharing of expertise within the DiMeN community.

  • Students access tailored, cohort training events including, 'Media and Impact' and 'Bench to Bedside', and 'Quantitative Research Skills. DiMeN DTP2 builds on the current successful DiMeN DTP1 programme and continues to evolve.

  • Students and supervisors are part of a vibrant community of researchers across our partner institutions.

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