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Flexible supplement

The DiMeN DTP would like to invite MRC funded students registered within a the Universities of Sheffield, Leeds, Newcastle, York and Liverpool to submit an application for Flexible Supplement funding.

You can benefit from this award to support the following activities:

  • High cost training in areas of strategic need (such as quantitative/data science skills, interdisciplinary skills or in vivo training)

  • Exceptional training opportunities, such as a lab/research placement or an internship (e.g. in policy or science communication, publishing etc), or training in new advanced research skills

  • Opportunities to receive training within industry or at the interdisciplinary interface

  • Transitions from PhD to first employment or post-doc position


How to apply

MRC funded students can apply by filling in an application form, including detailed costings and a statement of support from your supervisor, via this LINK.

All MRC funded students registered within the Universities of Sheffield, Leeds, Newcastle, York and Liverpool are eligible, including DTP students, MRC iCASE students, MRC Unit, Institute, Centre or Partnership students and MRC Clinical research training fellows.

Those applying for transition awards (post-thesis submission) please email a CV to the DiMeN DTP manager, to accompany the application.

Applications now OPEN and will be reviewed by our panel within 4 weeks of submission.

All successful applicants should provide a brief report acknowledging MRC support and the impact of the award within three months of undertaking the opportunity.  Failure to submit a post-award report will make you ineligible to apply for future flexible funding grants. If you have already received Flexible funding, you must submit a report before being considered for any additional awards.   

For the purposes of internships, funding is intended to provide stipend support at the UKRI rate for no more than 4 months. 


What makes a good application to the flexible funds?

  • Funding applications should clearly state the objectives and justification for the specific training/placement/opportunity you are applying for

  • Applications must include a detailed costing breakdown

  • Applications for training/placements abroad must justify why this is the best opportunity and cannot be completed within the UK

  • Clearly detail how the request will impact, benefit and advance your training and development 

  • Flexible funding will not fund equipment, consumables or conference attendance

Flexible funding examples

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