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Our Training

DiMeN is a diverse, interdisciplinary community of researchers across the North of England researching the major health problems facing the world today.


Our partner institutions (Universities of Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, York and Sheffield) are internationally recognised as centres of research excellence that can offer you highly specialised expertise from supervisory teams and access to state-of-the-art facilities to deliver high impact research.

We are very proud of our student-centred ethos and committed to supporting you throughout your PhD. As part of the DTP, we offer bespoke training in key skills sought after in early career researchers, as well as opportunities to broaden your career horizons in a range of non-academic sectors. 


Our programme of core training offers specialist events every year as valuable opportunities to benefit from peer support and build a professional network with our community of DiMeN researchers.

The DiMeN DTP has an exciting and varied programme of training for our students across the duration of their PhD. Core training events are typically held over two days with an evening social and plenty of opportunities for networking. 



All new students attend an induction event in November, held at the University of Newcastle.  This is a full day event with overnight stay where the students get to know each other and the DiMeN team over networking, workshop sessions and an evening social.  The induction day is traditionally held the day before North East Postgraduate Conference, the largest student-led conference in the UK, so that students can attend this the following day.  In subsequent years, DiMeN students will have the opportunity to present their own research and/or posters at NEPG.  

Responsible Research & Quantitative Skills

This two day residential event for first year students is held at the University of Leeds each April .  Students are taught what is meant by responsible research, and the course includes practical workshop on statistical methods such as R and Python, as well as discussions and workshops on reproducibly, AI, and ethics. 

Bench to Bedside

This event hosts an exciting line-up of speakers to talk about various aspects of postdoctoral careers. You'll take part in team tasks to research and present, learn about careers in industry, and have the opportunity to network with other students and alumni.

Communication, Media & Impact

An interactive, two-day residential programme designed to provide students with the space to refine research ideas, develop an impact statement and enhance communication skills. Students learn how to use their personal strengths and skill set to maximise their own impact, and find out how to reach as many people as possible to maximise research impact in an interactive and engaging way.  

How to write a paper and get it published

This writing and publishing workshop is a full day event held at the University of Sheffield followed by an evening social event.  Students learn how to communicate their research to get it published, read and understood. There is a mix of taught content, discussion, and activities to help understand the research publication landscape and where postgraduate research students fit into it, how to develop a message and narrative, and activities to practice writing an abstract and introduction to a paper.  Current journal editors will be there to give their perspective and offer advice.    

A breadth of training opportunities from single molecules to the patient

Join a community of over 140 PhD students across the North of England for peer support throughout your PhD

Up to 40 fully funded 

studentships each year

Cutting edge technologies and state-of-the-art facilities to deliver world-class results

Being funded by the MRC means you can access additional funding for research placements, international training opportunities or internships in science policy, science communication

and beyond.

Further information on the programme and how to apply can be found on our website.

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