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Laura Powell - Internship with IGNIFI

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Thanks to Flexible Funding I was able to go on a 4 month internship with IGNIFI, a healthcare and medical marketing agency. Whilst there I was able to gage what a career in medical copywriting could be like in a marketing environment. The team at IGNIFI allowed me to experience not only the copywriting side of the job, but also the account management, finance, creative, distribution and proof-reading sectors within the company.

I was able to work on marketing campaigns for big pharmaceutical companies. Providing copy and creative input for materials that would be distributed to healthcare professionals, patients and sales teams. I was also able to complete a Veeva training course, meaning I am now Veeva-accredited and able to use this software for healthcare marketing materials. This was incredibly insightful and exciting to use my scientific background in a new way and develop new skills in areas I never would have without this opportunity.

The skills and connections I have made from this internship are invaluable in guiding me through the final stages of my PhD and my future career. I thoroughly enjoyed getting out of the lab and experiencing a scientific career in industry.

I implore anyone to reach out to a company in a sector you could see yourself working in and asking them for an internship. I am very grateful to IGNIFI for welcoming me into their business and training me in all aspects of healthcare marketing. Without Flexible Funding, I would never have been able to pause my PhD and gain these skills and insights. Now I am excited for the future and the possibilities of careers in and outside of the lab

Type: Flexible Funding award, Internship

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