The goal of my PhD is to observe the effects of HSP-90 on Amyloid beta 1-42 in C. elegans using CryoEM. Upon starting my PhD, I required access to the equipment and training at the Electron Microscopy Facilities at the University of Leeds.  


The university offers training and access to all equipment and software in the facility for a flat fee of £2500 per year.  I was granted £2500 on the 18th of December 2019, through the flat fee scheme offered by the MRC.  


I began training on the equipment in early 2020, however the University of Leeds shut down due to Covid-19 in late March 2020.  The university did not fully reopen until September 2020.  Due to the limited access in the facility, they offered to roll over the funding to the following year (December 2020-December 2021).  Therefore, I have currently used 3 months of the yearlong access in the facility.  


So far I have been trained on numerous pieces of equipment such as Krios electron microscopes, and image processing software such as Relion.  I most recently worked on a project in collaboration with a group at the University of Utrecht, where, using this training, I characterised the binding patterns of four different antibody fragments to an OC43 coronavirus spike.  


I received one on one tuition from facility staff to achieve this, which has resulted in being a named author on a paper.