The funding award enabled us to attend this 4-day course with a one-day hand-on brain anatomy practical at King’s College London. The course focused on structural, functional, and radiological brain anatomy, all of which are important for our PhD projects. The course was taught by Dr Paul Johns who is a consultant neuropathologist with experience in teaching intensive learning courses with a focus on long term memory recall of the knowledge gained. 


We were able to gain a detailed overview of brain anatomy and the 3D structure of the brain in a short period of time. This has been invaluable for correctly interpreting MRI images and understanding how function and structure are related. It will also allow us to better understand and interpret our results and what these mean for the underlying biology of epilepsy. This course was also useful as a refresher on brain anatomy, which will be helpful during thesis write-up. The course was enjoyable as it allowed us to network and be in an environment of researchers and clinicians all working in similar fields.