I was generously awarded Flexible Funding to undertake a 4-month internship at the end of my PhD at IN-PART, a local knowledge exchange company based in Sheffield. At the company, I worked with two different teams; the Research Team who would promote university technologies on the IN-PART platform to industry members for commercialisation opportunities and general feedback from research and development companies, and the Discover Team who would work on behalf of an industrial client to find them relevant technologies as well as academic experts and spinout companies to work with on a specific research area of interest.

I gained many valuable knowledge and skills while working at IN-PART, such as learning more about technology commercialisation and working with both academics and industrial partners. Many of the skills I had learned during my PhD were also very valuable to my time at the company, such as my ability to interpret research outputs by academics, my organisational skills as well as my ability to work independently since we were all working on a work from home basis during my internship. 

I worked with some wonderful people at IN-PART and I thoroughly enjoyed the internship that was provided by my Flexible Funding. After the internship, I was offered a full-time position on the Discover Team, which has been a fantastic opportunity for my future career development.