I was awarded flexible funding to attend the Gene Expression Workshop hosted by the Centre for Genomic Research at the University of Liverpool. This was a 2.5 day workshop focusing on what happens in between submitting your samples for sequencing at the centre and the data output you are given at the end. Since I would be sending samples for RNA sequencing to this centre, it was important that I understand how they would process my samples in preparation for the shipment and when it comes to talking about this process in my thesis.

On the first day, we were introduced to the importance of sequencing quality control and instructed on how to design an RNA sequencing gene expression experiment. After the lectures, we had a hands on experience of the preparation and quality control of RNA sequences using computer software such as Linux and R. On the second day, we were given a tour of the labs at the CGR and were able to direct our questions to the lab manager. In the afternoon, we had another practical on the mapping and visualising of RNA sequencing data and gene expression analysis using edgeR software. On the final day, we had a practical session focused on key driver gene identification and gene sets of phenotype prediction through integration of multi-omics data.

I would fully recommend this workshop to anyone working with RNA sequencing and gene expression analysis, especially anyone like me who was unfamiliar with the bioinformatics aspect! It was a very hands on workshop which I enjoyed and we were even given all of the workshop files afterwards so I can practice before my sample data arrives for real!