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MRC DiMeN Doctoral Training Partnership

Discovery Medicine North

The best treatment for every patient

This cross-cutting theme reaches into all aspects of this DTP and connects to MRC priorities in Molecular datasets and disease, through progress towards individualised treatments based on individual mutations/disease processes studied in each project, to innovative stand-alone student research projects focused on the development of precision diagnostics and therapeutics. To support this, students are able to access a wide breadth of training opportunities across the partnership.

In addition to training opportunities via MRC and Wolfson Centres in Liverpool, Newcastle hosts the largest database of patients with autoimmune liver disease (UK-PBC) supporting powerful genomic and immunological research strands, and has an established capacity for the development and trial of new therapeutics. The stratification of patients is made possible by effective interdisciplinary research into the application of precision diagnostic techniques.

Students are trained in personalised approaches to drug efficacy and toxicity across the lifecourse linking existing stratified medicine expertise with complementary ageing expertise in CIMA and Newcastle.

Another distinctive training opportunity is provided by research into individualised Stem Cell therapies by bringing together expertise from two hubs for the UK Regenerative Medicine Platform (led by Sheffield and Liverpool). These synergistic investments span derivation of pluripotent stem cells for clinical application to the effectiveness and safety of Regenerative Medicine Therapies (RMTs). Further opportunities in the priority area of Repair and replacement link research in stem cell transplantation as therapy for rare immunodeficiencies and diabetes to whole animal imaging and novel molecular biomarkers, to evaluate the safety and efficacy of RMTs.