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MRC DiMeN Doctoral Training Partnership

Discovery Medicine North

Genetic Influences on Health

The strength and breadth provided by this partnership provides expert training for PhD students in the understanding of disease processes from molecules to man; from interrogation of the molecular basis of disease by exploiting strengths in understanding the effects of single gene defects at the molecular and cellular level (e.g. Leeds, Astbury, RCaH); from the use of animal models to understand their contribution to whole animal physiology (Sheffield, MGU); to development of treatments for genetic disease (Liverpool).

Combining this with strengths in clinical (Leeds), and mitochondrial genetics (Newcastle), genomics (Liverpool) and bioinformatics (Leeds), we provide high-impact research training across a range of skill priority areas, aligning closely with MRC strategic priorities in Molecular datasets and disease and Natural protection. For example, there is expertise in a range of genetic diseases including ciliopathies and developmental disorders (Leeds, Sheffield), Neuromuscular disease (MRC Centre for Neuromuscular Diseases), Motor Neurone Disease (SITraN Sheffield), and sarcopenia in ageing (Newcastle and Liverpool).

All four members of the partnership combine high quality basic science research with unique patient cohorts. An example of synergy between the Partners links expertise in the genetics of primary immunodeficiency (Newcastle), genetics of rare autoinflammatory disease (Leeds) and mechanistic models of immunity and infection (Sheffield and Liverpool), where cross-institution PhD supervision will address the development and regulation of immunity through genetics of immunoinflammation.