Flexible Funding award

Awarded to Abbie and Rebekah - DiMeN DTP students from the University of Liverpool.

EMBO workshop: modelling infectious diseases

"We were awarded MRC flexible funding to attend the EMBO workshop: modelling infectious diseases, held in Singapore. Below is a reflective summary of our experience. To answer our research questions as scientists, we are moving towards a multidisciplinary and systems approach. The development and progression of methods such as proteomics and transcriptomics generates plenty of data for us to think about. The EMBO conference held at A*STAR, Singapore reinforced the importance of “team science” to overcome the demands and challenges of the big data when considering the modelling of infectious diseases. A series of talks were provided from mathematical modellers, computational biologists and laboratory scientists, representing various institutes and universities.

The workshop involved a mentoring session for young scientists where Anita McElroy, Miles Carroll, Swain Chen and Cevayir Coban shared their diverse experiences on how they have gained their current positions. Of course, beginning a PhD and progressing through academia is not known for being easy and stress free, however, words of inspiration and empowerment were shared which made me feel ready to take on this challenge face on.

Poster Presentation: Having the chance to present data and background from my PhD project at the EMBO modelling workshop was an extremely valuable experience. Whilst presenting my poster, I had interesting and thought provoking discussions with scientists with a diverse range of experiences at various stages of their careers. These conversations lead to the development of new and exciting ideas that I will apply to my own project. Aside from exchanging knowledge; the EMBO workshop was a good platform for enabling me to network professionally with both peers and academic leaders of the field.”

Attending an international workshop so early on in our PhD journey was very exciting, as well as motivating. Not only was this a great opportunity to meet and network with scientists working within infectious diseases, but to observe the high standard of research being conducted in this field. It also gave us the opportunity to share culture and explore a beautiful location in the world."