Flexible Funding award

Flexible funding award to Carmen Arasti, a PhD student at The MRC Centre for Drug Safety Science (CDSS) at the University of Liverpool.

MRC Flexible Fund for a training course on liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) at the Bio-Analysis Centre in London.

"This was a five-day intensive course covering all the aspects of mass spectrometry from sample preparation, HPLC, LC-MS and LC-MS/MS (Multiple Reaction Monitoring).  By the end of the course I was able to run the mass spectrometer independently and I was trained in method development, troubleshooting and data analysis.

Undergoing this training has been an extremely educational experience, as I was taught to perform mass spectrometry analysis independently from start to finish. My main aim when applying for this course was to independently run mass spectrometry analysis for characterisation of proteins which is my PhD project, as well as gaining a deeper understanding of mass spectrometry; the course has fully met my purposes.

The Bio-analysis centre tailors the course contents to the trainee requirements (in my case this focused mainly on LC-MS/MS and analysis of peptide samples). The training was one-to-one and all laboratory work was performed under Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). Dr Carolyn Hyde provided excellent training and was very helpful when sharing her expertise. I would like to thank her for all her support and I would thoroughly recommend this training course to other researchers. I hope that the training I obtained as a result of MRC Flexible funding will help me in the current PhD project as well as in my future postdoctoral training. I especially would like to thank the MRC Discovery Medicine North (DiMeN) for the Flexible Funding award which has provided me with invaluable training."