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Internship Opportunities

Internship Opportunities

All our DTP DiMeN PhD students have access to unique Internship opportunities with a range of non-academic organisations, including industry, science communication and policy agencies. As a DTP DiMeN PhD student, thought these opportunities you will gain:

  • Valuable job experience and transferable skills to enhance your CV and post-PhD employability
  • Improve upon and gain technical skills and knowledge of your chosen field
  • Exploration of the wider applications and impact of your research area
  • Knowledge about all the different postgraduate career options open to you
  • Links with potential future employers and/or collaborators

During your internship placement, you will continue to enjoy all the benefits of being a DTP DiMeN student.

If the work completed on internship does not contribute to your thesis submission, an extension to your funding period and submission deadline will be granted in line with your host institutional regulations.

Have a look at what some of our students had to say about their Internship experiences:

Amy Ball: Placement at at GlaxoSmithKline, Ware

“This placement has allowed me to perform a thorough assessment of the clinically-derived cell models that I have generated at the University of Liverpool. This has been possible not only because of the high throughput and high quality facilities available at GSK, but has also afforded the opportunity for collaboration with industry-led toxicologists, many of whom I am still in contact with. As well as benefiting my own research, the knowledge I have from this placement will be disseminated to other members of the Centre for Drug Safety Science at the University of Liverpool as part of a departmental seminar series.”

Rosamund Clifford: Sheffield Hallam University Centre for Mass Spectrometry Imaging

“The placement was a great learning experience, both in terms of mastering new techniques and equipment, but also with regard to career aspirations. My highlight of the placement was an internal conference on imaging within Sheffield Hallam. It was fascinating to learn about the diverse scientific questions and approaches being used to answer them. It also struck me as a very collaborative and encouraging research environment.”

Jack Paveley: Internship at APIS Assay Technologies Ltd.

"The technical development and training provided at APIS has been invaluable, not only will it benefit my future experiments and analyses but it has also added value to my thesis research and been of interest to other PhD colleagues and our lab.  As well as inspiring me to work outside academia, APIS provided a vast number of insights I would not normally have expected to acquire during my PhD journey, and for which I am very thankful."

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Current Internship Opportunities:

Singer Instruments

The Research team aims to use Science! to achieve “A Responsibility to Science”. This means actively enquiring, and devising experiments that prove that our equipment facilitates, automates and accelerates scientific research - more so these experiments should be rigorous enough to reveal truth, free from investigator bias.

Singer Instruments is a fast paced SME environment. As such projects are subject to change as required by business need. Generally speaking, each project includes:

● Working with a robotic instrument to test its capabilities and investigate its restrictions. Previous examples involve producing bioart with colony pickers, investigating the use of fluorescent strains, and testing new detection algorithms.

● Collaborating with Engineering and Software on numerous projects, gaining and consulting with expertise. This has involved; coming up with hardware and software solutions to problems, QC of brand new software packages and production spec machines and also affecting the look, feel and function of new products.

● A desk based research piece. This is usually heavily tied to new product development, and hence tends to be the most secretive. Previous examples have included market research, as well as investigating how scientists perform work, and how this may change in the future.

● It’s should be noted that no knowledge of engineering, software development or marketing is required. However, if the student does have an appropriate background, and wishes to investigate these skills further, cross departmental projects can be arranged.

Skills Developed

● Project Management

● Working heavily with robotic laboratory equipment, from early development prototypes to market ready instruments.

● Cross departmental communication (Software, Engineering, Marketing)

● Industry research processes.

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